What To Drink And Eat During Labor

What To Drink And Eat During Labor

Drink During Labor: Recipe For The Best Cocktail For A Laboring Mother

Blend the accompanying fixings in a substantial compartment for a scrumptious electrolyte drink for work. Twofold or triple the sums for a first work. The normal first work is around 16 hours. Influence this formula before work starts so you to can roll out any improvements and ensure it tastes great to you. You can likewise place it in some ice solid shape plate so you have the choice to suck on the ice amid work, particularly in the event that it winds up hard to drink a great deal. The electrolytes and different fixings will enable your body to remain adjusted and help keep up your vitality. See beneath for thoughts for things to eat amid work. In case you’re conceiving an offspring in an emergency clinic and somebody lets you know not to drinimagesk and eat, do it when they are not in your work room.

What To Drink And Eat During Labor


½ Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

1/3 Cup Raw nectar or to taste, ideally privately gathered nectar

¼ Teaspoon of Pink Himalayan Salt

5 Cups sifted water, filtered water, Smart Water, or coconut water

10 drops ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops

20 drops of Rescue Remedy

The working mother should drink 8 oz consistently and ought to likewise pee once every hour.imgres-2

Recommended snacks for work:

Fried Eggs


Toast and Honey

Wafers and Hummus

Miso Soup (or different stocks)



Whey Protein Drinkimgres-3

New Juice Prepared in a blender or Vitamix (No Citrus-excessively acidic)



Fruit purée

Canned Peaches (low sugar not in syrup)

Granola Bars

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