Remove Your Facial Hair Permanently In 15 Minutes

When you need to get rid of your facial hair and you are always looking for the best remedy, we have the answer!

The following is a high-quality prescription for removing facial hair, if you use it effectively, you will remove it for good!

Remove Your Facial Hair Permanently In 15 Minutes

Remove your facial hair permanently in 15 minutes

You need it:

1 tsp. coconut oil
3 tbs of flour

How to use it:

Softly massage all the coconut oil onto your face until it is absolutely absorbed into your pores and skin.

Then mix the flour with water to form a dough.

Apply to the face within the same path of your hair splash. Allow to dry; it takes about 15 minutes.

Remove it in the opposite direction of hair growth and wash your face with warm water.

Apply toner and moisturizer (preferably natural).

You must repeat this process twice a week for a month, and your hair will be completely removed.

If a hair string of riot appears, put this paste together and repeat the practice.

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